Thursday, November 29, 2007

Indiana Trip Photos

A few more pics. Here is Ray, Jessica (my niece) and yours truly in front of a Christmas display. I also wanted to show you a pic of us in front of an anchor at the Pier in Chicago. Do I look cold? The first picture is Ray, my brother Jim, sister-in-law Valaine, nieces Lily and Jessica coming out of the General Store, which was a great place to buy souvenirs.


Graceful Babies said...

that general store look like it was really interesting. I was just in Georgia visiting my family and went up to a little town that looked like that store. Old buildings, great look! Lots of fun.

Amor De Plata said...

oh, it was one of my favorites. It had plenty of old fashioned homemade candies, dolls and lots of antique furniture, lamps, etc.