Friday, July 11, 2008

Please Be Courteous and Don't Jump To Conclusions

Yes, the title is harsh but true in all types of business. I have seen many Etsy shop owners who cancel an online sale because they didn't receive the product in a few days. The buyer was in another country! Anyone who has been doing any amount of online business knows it takes a couple weeks (or more) to receive something from an international address. The seller jumps to conclusions and thinks the buyer is a loser and posts about it in forums!

Another example is what happened to me and this is why I'm a little upset. I was recently down and out with surgery hassles and really didn't want to broadcast it. I was dropped from an Etsy team for non-participation and because they didn't see me around the forums. So fine, I took all the team stuff down and feel like maybe someone should have e-mailed me first to ask if something was wrong. No, I am not going to explain to them or beg to be back on the team because I don't want to be on it anymore.

Why do they jump to conclusions and assume I don't WANT to participate? What if I had a tragic death in the family? Do they really expect you to be on the forums while you are at a wake, funeral, in mourning, etc?

This is the reason I am asking everyone to please be courteous in all of your business transactions because it's not nice to jump to conclusions.