Thursday, April 24, 2008

Do You Have A Scratchback TopSpot Widget?

What is a Scratchback TopSpot Widget? It's a FREE widget to post on your blog or website to accept online tips and post a small image ad in return. You name the price on your tips and earn money from every interaction.

I have put one up here on my blog. I humbly ask for your "tips" so you can promote your site for $5.00 a spot! Grab your top spot now.


Flowersbyfarha said...

I'm a bit confused about what you mean by "Tip"-- you mean "tip" as in a hint how to do something, or "tip" as in money? I don't understand how this works.

Send me a message at my shop on SilkFair when you post a reply.


Amor De Plata said...

Hi Flowers,
Tip as in money!