Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Great new Site - Beaducation

I stumbled upon Beaducation , a great site and signed up immediately. Beaducation has online video classes on many types of crafts and jewelry making. They also sell the kits to go with each class if you don't want to search for the items you need for the class. You print your instruction sheet and follow the video as you go along and you can stop, or go back while you work.

What really caught my eye was the FREE classes! Some of the free classes include Felted Beads, Byzantine Chain, Intro to Chainmaile, Making your own Earwires, Stamped Jewelry, Intro to Seed Beads, Coiling Wire by Hand and more!

Beaducation also sells supplies like charms, hard to find steel stamps, wire, stones with holes, jewelry kits and more.

If you ever wanted to take a class and couldn't afford it, or it's too far away, now is the time to check out Beaducation .


Anonymous said...

I've also found Beaducation to be a great reference, especially for learning a new technique! It's a wonderful resource to add to skill sets and to combine different techniques into new designs. I'm sure they are glad to find a new fan too!
PS--I found you on scoutle

Amor De Plata said...

Hi Teri,
Thank you for the comments. Oh, and have a Happy Birthday!