Tuesday, December 9, 2008

FREE Video Classes - Annealing Metal and Sawing Metal

Once again, one of my favorite sites Beaducation has more FREE online video classes.

I want to learn more about metalsmithing which is really a must if you make jewelry. I visited beaducation and saw 2 new classes. Annealing metal and Sawing Metal.

I have watched almost all of their FREE videos, which are fantastic. I'm sure I will be taking some paid classes soon. I love that you can stop them and go back if you want to repeat something. You can watch them over and over.

So check them out Beaducation


Bear Chick said...

I recently discovered Beaducation. Dangerous! Spent way too much on their metal stamps but it may be a skill I can share with my husband, so I'm happy. And I love their free classes.

Amor De Plata said...

Hi Bear Chick,
I know what you mean. Their stamps are awesome. I love to go browsing and end up buying.
Happy Holidays!