Sunday, February 8, 2009

Moving from Hawaii to Indiana

I've been off the blog for awhile during my packing for our big move. Yes, we are officially moving from Hawaii to Indiana. Some people say we are crazy but what counts most in life is family. My hubby wanted to be closer to his family and I am staying with my brother and sister-in-law here in Indiana.

We flew out of Hawaii on January 20th. Stayed in Oakland, California for a week visiting my only brother-in-law and his wife. Picked up our vehicle we had shipped from Hawaii. We drove to Palm Springs to visit with my side of the family, mom, brothers and cousins.

We stayed an extra couple of days due to a big ice storms we wanted to avoid in the midwest. Our driving days were great with no rain, or snow/ice on roads. We did have trouble with hotel stays due to workers hired for the storm. Other than that everything went great.

So we are now near Fort Wayne, Indiana, enjoying the snow. Yes, I miss Hawaii but I am thankful for the 18 years I was lucky enough to live there and the great friends I had there. I look forward to a great new life here in Indiana where the people are fantastic and everything is so beautiful.


Kathi said...

aloha martha and ray! glad to hear you have made it safely to indiana. congrats on having the time to create your art. it's something we all long for... :)

keep in touch and you will always be a part of etsy hawaii!

Amor De Plata said...

Thank you Kathi,
Hawaii and the Hawaii Etsy team will always be with us!

Chrisy said...

How's brave of you to make the move..

Jack said...

Indiana is a good place to visit...Thats a good move i guess..

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